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Crystal Mahler

Crystal Mahler sails on the Rhine, Main and Danube. Crystal Mahler sets sail on June 10, 2017 and Crystal Mahler sets sail on August 29, 2017. As the only all-suite, butler service ships cruise on the waterways of Europe, the river yachts of the Crystal River Cruises also offers the largest luxury suites, the highest staff-to-guest ratio and an unmatched standard of the state-of-the-art design and amenities. Discover expansive social spaces, boutique lounges, spa and fitness center and gorgeous open decks which offer spectacular views of enchanting rivers.

Все круизы с Crystal Mahler
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  • Судовое оборудование
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  • Каюты
  • Круизная компания: Crystal Cruises
  • Туроператор: Aviation & Tourism International
  • Год постройки / реновирован: 2017
  • Язык общения на борту: английский
  • Валюта на борту: ЕВРО
  • Длина / Ширина / Осадка: 135 м. / 11,4 м. / 1,6 м.
  • Скорость: 21 км/ч
  • Палубы / Пассажирские палубы: (из них пассажирских: 4)
  • Экипаж: 68
  • Пассажиры / Каюты: 106  / 55
  • Каюты для людей с ограниченными возможностями:  Не имеются
  • Напряжение в сети: 110 В / 220 В
  • Медицинское обслуживание: на берегу возможно кратковременное посещение врача /
  • Бары и лаунджи: 3 / Vista Bar, The Palm Court, Hydraulic Sun-Deck Bar
  • Палубы / Лифты: 4 / 1 /
  • Кредитные карты: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's Club, DiscoverCard, JBC International, дорожные чеки, 
  • Рестораны: Waterside Restaurant (главный ресторан) включено
    The Bistro (бистро) включено
    The Pantry (бистро) включено
    The Vintage Room (винный ресторан) не включено
  • Прочее: W-LAN - беспроводная компьютерная сеть / открытая палуба / гладильная комната / прачечная / библиотека
  • Спорт: пилатес / фитнес-зал / йога / палки для ходьбы
  • Бассейн(ы): 1
  • Развлечения: бортовые программы / презентации
  • Велнес: The Crystal Spa and Salon 
    парикмахерская / маникюр/педикюр / косметические процедуры / массаж / помещения для косметических процедур / косметический салон
  • Пожалуйста, обратите внимание:  некоторые услуги и использование инфраструктуры оплачиваются дополнительно!
Life on board

Bars & lounges
The bars and lounges of the ships belong to the Avenue Saloon, The Bistro, Crystal Casino, Connoisseur Club, Crystal Cove, the Galaxy Lounge, Luxe  (the nightclub of the Crystal Symphony), the Palm Court, Pulse (the nightclub of Crystal Serenity) the Stardust Club (Crystal Serenity), the Starlight Club (Crystal Symphony), the Sunset Bar (Crystal Serenity) and the Trident Bar. Every place has its own style and a certain atmosphere as well as its own opening times.
In each cabin there is also a mini-bar, where you find mineral water and non-alcoholic drinks for free use. Alcoholic beverages you can order via room service in the cabin. Only guests over 18 years are served wine and only as of 21 spirits. If the ship is located in American ports or the three-mile zone guests may be served alcohol only as of 21 years.

Special dietary regulations
If you have to comply with certain food regulations or have an allergy to certain foods or need to consume a particular food, then please address your wishes in writing and at least 90 days prior to departure to the Onboard Guest Service Department and confirm the arrangements once more with the kitchen staff upon embarkation. There could still be changes regarding certain special requests or the corresponding subequent payments.

Whenever possible, visitors can come aboard. Applications may be submitted to the Marine Operations Department of Crystal Cruise or on board at the reception. All applications, including the required information must be received at least two weeks before the scheduled visiting day at the Marine Operations Dept. or on board five days before the visit. Whether and how many visitors can come on board depends on the safety regulations of the respective port. According to current trends Crystal Cruises reserves the right to temporarily permit no visitors aboard. This can happen at any time without prior notice.
If you arrange this before with the Maitre D,if there is enough space and the safety situation allows it, you can invite your guests for dinner in the Crystal Dining Room. The invoice will be charged to your ship account.

The well-stocked library contains more than 2,000 books, from the classics through popular biographies and non-fiction to fiction. In addition, there is a wide selection of magazines, films on DVD and board games. Everything can be borrowed free of charge for the length of your cruise.

Beer rarities
Aboard the Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity beer lovers can test a selection of beer rarities, such as "Samichlaus" (Austria), "Rochefort Trappistes 10" (Belgium), "Ola Dubh 12 '(Scotland). The selection varies depending on the destination.

Bridge games and classes
Trained ACBL instructor offer on each cruise free lessons and games.

Business center
On board there are meeting rooms, secretarial services, and copies available for a small fee. Downloading e-mails and access to the internet is possible via the Computer-University @ Sea. Around the clock also wireless access throughout the ship is possible unless the ship is currently in a receiving lock. Skype cannot be received.

Butler service
This service is available for guests in the categories PH, PS, and CP. Its responsibilities include packing and unpacking the suitcase, free ironing, cleaning shoes, reservations for shore excursions, for the beauty salon and spa as well as the arrangement of cocktail parties.

In the casino you can play blackjack, poker, Texas Hold'em, Craps, Roulette and on slot machines. Mini-baccarat is possible upon request. You can get per day chips worth a maximum of US $ 300 charged to your onboard account and a maximum of US $ 3,000 per cruise. Please note that cash is required instead of chips for some games; more information on board. Only guests over the age of 21 are allowed to enter the play area or to participate in cash payment related games on board (e.g. bingo). The casino is governed by the rules of the US state of Nevada. During stays at the port, the casino is closed, as well as in some regions according to local regulations.

Computer University @ Sea
This service is available on every cruise. It offers e-mail, Internet access, individual and group lessons on PC's and Macs and other courses. On every ship there are modern computer labs with current Windows PCs. Details about the courses can be found in the daily newsletter Reflections. When a Computer University @ Sea service is established for you a small fee is charged once.

Digital cameras
There is dubbing equipment for most standard cards. You can also edit your photos on a server and burn them to CD. Burning the CD will be invoiced.

Guests get their own e-mail address with their ticket. With this system you can receive and send mails up to a size of 1 MB. The emails are sent or received immediately, unless the satellite is interrupted. Incoming and outgoing e-mails will be charged. A detailed price list is available on board.

Access to your own e-mail
If your e-mail address is accessible via the internet you can also access it from the ship via the internet. If you are unsure, contact your provider in time. A detailed price list is available on board.

Internet access
All computers at the Computer University @ Sea have internet access. You can choose freely among the four pricing models offered:

Plan A: free time for 74 cents per minute
Plan B: 2 hours for 55 US $ (46 cents per minute)
Plan C: 5 hours for 127 US $ (43 cents per minute)
Plan D: 10 hours for US $ 220 (37 cents per minute)

The times you can distribute over the entire cruise and are calculated only when you are actually on the net. Prices may change.

Wi-Fi access
Now that a wireless internet access throughout the ship is possible, you can also bring your own laptop. Please register at the Computer University @ Sea. Fees for the internet access apply.

Laptop rentals
Specially configured laptops can be rented for a fee. With them you have access to the internet or your E-mail address anywhere. A price list can be obtained on board.
Private computer lessons
Lessons can also be arranged on board according to availability. A fee is charged.
Technology Concierge
The Technology Concierge helps guests with technical devices that you own or want to buy, to better understand and use. Please contact the Computer University @ Sea.
Own laptop on board
There are several ways to use your own laptop on board:

     You can write e-mails and transfer them to a station at Computer University @ Sea by means of a USB Flash Drive.
     You can do computer exercises in your own environment and at your own pace.
     You can configure your laptop PC or Mac so as to have internet access in your cabin. This usually involves charges for e-mail and internet access. The current price list you get on board.

Please note: it is possible to connect the laptop by cable to the telephone system and thus reach telephone numbers on land. Skype is not available on board.

Crystal Society
If you have ever traveled with Crystal Cruises, you are a member of the Crystal Society and have a personal membership number. Please specify this to your travel agent so that you can take advantage of and claim savings on other cruises. If you want to redeem a Crystal Society milestone on your cruise, it must be requested prior to departure from your travel agent. Please note the rules of the Crystal Society Benefits programs that we gladly send to you.

Services on board
The staff on board strives constantly to ensure that your cruise runs smooth. Often, you can chat with some also in your native language.
The concierges who are members of the prestigious Union Internationale des Concierges d'Hotels "Les Clefs d'Or", and the staff at the reception around the clock will take care at all times of all matters.

Cruise Sales Consultant (reservation consultant)
The sales representative on board can tell you details about the travel procedures and assist you in booking future cruises. All bookings on board are forwarded to your travel agency, and for most bookings you receive a special board booking discount as well as a discount as member of the Crystal Society.

Crystal Society Hostess
Some members of the bonus program Crystal Society welcomes the new guests on board and makes them acquainted with all the advantages and opportunities of the Crystal family.

Onboard shopping
Aboard the Crystal ships there is a wide shopping street, the Avenue of the Stars, with jewelery shops, designer clothing, accessories and clothing for the cruise.
The offer changes frequently and often also offers products related to the region through which you happen to sail. The boutiques also offer occasional special promotions.
Every time the offer includes numerous products with the Crystal label, such as the popular Crystal Home Collection. There are also some duty free goods, for example, cosmetics and fragrances. According to customs regulations, the shops are closed during the stay in the port.

In most ports of embarkation, the ship is available for embarkation for new guests as of 15 o'clock; in some ports even earlier. The exact times of embarkation and departure times you learn from your cruise ticket. All guests wishing to embark must carry a passport which is valid for at least six months more after the end of the cruise. Every time you leave the ship during the cruise or go back on board, you have to show the security staff at the gangway the keycard to your cabin.
At least 90 minutes before departure, you have to be on board. When you get there, the crew welcomes you, helps you with your luggage and shows you to your cabin. Your luggage will be delivered to the cabin.
Upon embarkation you must deposit a credit card copy for your expenses on board.When this is done, you can use it to conveniently pay for your expenses on board by express check-out system, so you can leave the ship quickly at the end of the trip without problems. On the morning of disembarkation a detailed list of expenditures is delivered to the cabin. If this is okay, the amount charged to your credit card will be automatically debited. If you wish, you can also pay your expenses at the end the trip in cash at the reception. In this case, please let the reception know in advance so that your credit card is not charged.
Please note: guests who have registered online their credit card number before the cruise have priority at the check-in at the pier.

In your cabin you will find outlets for 110 volts (American voltage) and 220 volts (European voltage). In each cabin there are two hair dryers and an alarm clock. For further questions regarding electrical appliances please ask your stewardess.
The Hollywood Theatre, which is also equipped for the hearing impaired, offers a selection of recent popular movies. You can also choose in the library from more than a thousand films on DVD and borrow them to your cabin.

Flights /luggage
The flights and transfers and luggage transportation are not part of the all-inclusive program. If you have organized your arrival and departure itself, you can book up to 14 days before the start of the cruise with Cyrstal Cruise the transfers at the embarkation as well as at the disembarkation port.
For your own organization, you are recommended to plan at least five hours between the arrival of your flight and the departure of the ship. The respective information about pier and embarkation times you get with your cruise ticket. The berth of the ship is sometimes modified by the port authorities at short notice; so make sure that you keep by the right ship and unload your luggage. At the latest 90 minutes before the departure of the ship you have to be on board. The disembarkation at the end of your journey may take up to five hours after the landing of the ship. If you end your trip in an American port, please also consider that flights cannot be scheduled earlier than five hours after the arrival of the ship, in no way earlier than 13 o’clock. Customs and border authorities carry out several checks before disembarkation can begin. When booking the flight also plan enough time for the ride to the airport, the check-in and safety checks. You best ask your travel agent to get in touch with Crystal Cruises, as the cruise line has for the respective port certain rules and experience values regarding the time required between the pier and airport.
The flight times change occasionally. You are advised to confirm all flight numbers, flight and check-in times, terminals and gates 96 hours before departure with the airline. Clarify seat assignments, special meals and services, details of checked baggage and carry-on (size, weight, quantity), special charges of airline and other details of your flights directly with the airline or your travel agent. According to the provisions of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the USA all guests must check with each transport company which identification documents they use on their trip, especially the control at the airport. If you do not do so you may be denied boarding the aircraft. Please confirm your seat reservation for outbound and return ride before your departure. Because of the regulations of the TSA regarding the luggage inspection in the United States you are recommended to use TSA-approved locks. Please lock your luggage also on the transit route between the airport and ship. Rules for the transportation of baggage with airlines and ships prohibit the transport of dangerous things like explosives, weapons, clubs, pepper spray, toxic materials, kung fu weapons, swords and the like. A hotel arrangement before the cruise ensures that you can start your cruise in peace. If you arrive in the port city one day prior to embarkation you can easily avoid the stress that can arise from delays of airlines and baggage transportation.

The Crystal photo shop offers a wide range of photo equipment and services. These include the sale of cameras and accessory devices and as well as the editing of digital photos. The professional photographers often go along on shore excursions or capture beautiful moments in the harbor, or they are on board to portray the guests during special events. These photos will be exhibited and can be purchased at the photo shop. Crystal also offers its guests the opportunity by means of a beautiful and artistically designed photobook to remember the cruise. For your Crystal CelebrationsTM Album the board photographer will actually take your picture around your Crystal cruise. Details about the album and the prices are available on board at the photo shop.

Please place the baggage to be checked on the evening before disembarkation before your door so that it can be collected and processed by customs. The luggage should be locked and not contain any important documents such as passport, tickets or money. For the night accomodation, as well as your personal belongings, valuables, medications and IDs you best pack a small hand luggage. During the cruise you can store your empty luggage under the bed or give it to your hostess for storage.

Help program "Meet and Assist"
If you have booked the "Meet and Assist" service, a representative of Crystal Cruises can greet you in the baggage hall respectively after the customs control. Please identify your luggage and leave it with the check-in section at the Crystal Cruises representative. You will then be escorted to your vehicle for the transfer.

Devices for the disabled
Precise information about the freedom of movement for the disabled and for people who need oxygen can be found in the "Onboard Accessibility Guide". This can be obtained from the Passenger Services or Onboard Guest Service.

The rules change frequently. Crystal Cruises offers information on the current situation, but it is your responsibility to ensure that all necessary vaccinations are carried out and registered in an international vaccination certificate. You are advised to get in touch with your doctor in time before the journey. If you do not comply with the vaccination requirements, this can lead to entry insurances at international borders.
Children activities, babysitting
During holiday periods and almost throughout the summer, the cruise line offers on both ships a program for children and adolescents aged 3 to 17 years, each in their own premises. Among the activities are: treasure hunt, reading and telling stories,fashion shows, baking cookies, karaoke, movies, dancing, mini Olympics, pool games, volleyball, table tennis, water polo, swimming and evening pool parties. On all voyages babysitting for children as of one year of age is available for a fee in your cabin. Please book the dates with the concierge at the front desk if possible one day in advance. The fees are US $ 10 per hour for one child, $ 15 per hour for two children and $ 20 per hour for three children. For safety reasons, the maximum number of children per babysitter are three. For children less than one year or for overnight babysitting is not allowed.

Clothing recommendations
During the day guests wear comfortable casual clothes. Even in the dining rooms casual attire is acceptable, but not swimming and sports clothing, bath robes and baseball caps. If you do not want to change for meals at noon or in the afternoon, the meal stations on deck are available. For shore excursions you should bring comfortable walking shoes. Please check with your travel agent if for the booked trips and the respective season special equipment is required. In each cabin there are bathrobes, kimono and slippers, which you can use during the cruise. In addition, there are: clothes brush, shoe trees, hairdryer, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, sewing kit and screen. For every night during a Crystal cruise, there are certain clothing recommendations, which (except for the Alfresco stations on deck) apply as of 18 o’clock in all public areas of the ships.If you want to change after the evening dinner or a festive occasion, you are asked to keep a minimum of formality. The two categories are both formal and informal, formal evenings have a completely different atmosphere than the informal; on a ten to twelve-day cruise you will likely experience two formal evenings. The number of informal evenings depends on the days at sea. More detailed information on the number of the respective evenings can be found on your ticket.

Formal evening attire
Formal attire includes evening dresses and gowns in fashionable length for the ladies, tuxedo, tails or dark suit and tie for men. Jeans, shorts, casual pants, sports shirts and hats are not allowed after 18 o’clock at the restaurants and specialty restaurants.

Informal evening wear
This clothing is worn on most nights on board. For women this means dress, cocktail dress or pantsuit, for men suit or combination; ties may not necessarily be worn. Jeans, shorts, casual pants, sports shirts and hats are not allowed after 18 o’clock at the dining and specialty restaurants.


In your travel documents you will find a brochure with the addresses of embarkation and disembarkation ports where mail can be forwarded to you. Outgoing mail can be handled on board. Please note long mail delivery times in remote locations.
Aboard the ships there is a high-quality telephone system, which allows you to have via satellite * direct-dialing conversations  from your cabin. The telephone number of the vessel can also be found in your communication brochure. The calls are charged to your board account or a credit card. They cost US $ 9.50 per minute *, making them much more expensive than calls on land. In most ports there are telephone booths that you can use. Through an agreement with SeaMobileTM you can use mobile communication devices also on the ship. With your own mobile phone and number, you can reach the numbers on the ship and ashore or send a text message. Also PDAs like Blackberry and others can be used. The costs are billed as roaming charges on your monthly phone bill. For information on the amount of the costs, additional costs and taxes, please contact your provider. If your fare allows international calls, you need not make any further changes. All other information from your provider.
* Prices are subject to change without notice. The connection depends on the availability of satellite and cannot be guaranteed.
The Computer University @ Sea provides for you an e-mail service around the clock. You will find your personal e-mail address on your ticket. This service will be charged.
You can send faxes from the reception. Costs apply.
Satellite receivers
All electronic communications to and from the ship takes place via satellite. Interruptions of the satellite signal may occur at any time. Unfortunately, this cannot be prevented. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the connections from phones, TV, Internet, email and fax are possible anytime and anywhere on the route. The following destinations are particularly sensitive: the Baltic Sea, the North Cape and Antarctica.

Cruise ticket, luggage tags
Your ticket can be found in the travel documents sent to you. You must present it together with your passport when you go aboard the ship. Please read the travel conditions on your ticket carefully. If you have packed your bags, please attach a Crystal Cruises luggage tag to each piece of baggage that you check in, so that it can easily be identified upon arrival.

Shore excursions

A wide range of Crystal Adventures shore excursions have been designed to offer you an alternative to life on board. You can choose between tours, scenic flights and adventure programs. Its activities range from differently long footpaths to bike or kayaking to always see the most interesting places in the surrounding area in the best possible way.
A brochure with the shore excursions that are possible on your cruise, is available to you prior to the start of your journey. You can make use of the shore excursion search engine on the homepage of the cruise line.You are recommended to first completly pay for your cruise, then sign up online and then book the shore excursions on the homepage. Tickets for the shore excursions reserved by you are brought to your cabin on embarkation day. Remaining places can also be booked on board at the Excursion Desk. The employees who are responsible for shore excursions also offer you informative television reports about the ports that are called at and the sights that can be reached on foot from there. In most ports wherefrom the city cannot be reached on foot, free shuttle buses are provided to the city center. This is a special service of Crystal Cruises, which cannot be guaranteed in every port. The schedule can always be found  in the daily Newsletter Reflections. Further details about the shore program of Crystal Adventures, especially information about insurance in case of accidents, injuries and thefts can be found in the booklet about your special shore excursions or on the homepage.

Reading recommendations
In order to prepare you for the many destinations around the globe, a list of reading recommendations was put together. For each region there is a rich selection of books. These include classic works of literature, guidebooks, nonfiction books and others that will yet enhance your experiences on site.There is a list for the following regions:

    Arctic, North Cape
    Australia, New Zealand
    British Islands
    Europe (Mediterranean, Baltic, Black Sea)
    Mexican Riviera
    New England, Canada
    Panama Canal
    South America, the Amazon
    World tour

Medical services
A trained doctor and a nurse are available around the clock. Their services as well as certain medications are available at moderate prices on board. Guests who need to regularly take medicines or certain dietary foods should bring a sufficient amount thereof. Guests with severe medical disorders, guests who are not completely self-sufficient or need further medical treatment during the cruise or guests who may pose a risk or a danger to others guests must register in writing, at least 30 days before the cruise at the onboard Guest Services Department. Crystal Cruises reserves the right, without compensation that guests who require unusual or unreasonable medical treatment for existing diseases, may be denied embarkation or may be disembarked during the cruise in a port. Disabled guests may book cabins according to their needs. For details please contact your travel agency.
Guests, who are dependent on oxygen
Please read carefully the brochure "Onboard Accesibility Guide", where you will find all the details about the transportation and the use of portable oxygen tanks or oxygen concentrators on the ships. This brochure you get from the Passenger Services or on board from the Guest Services Department. The brochure can also be found on the website of the cruise line. Requests for the use of oxygen equipment must be submitted at least 30 days before departure at the Onboard Guest Services Department and will be processed according to order entry.
While you relax at sea, you can still stay in touch with the events in the world. The news programs from ESPN, MSNBC, CNBC, Sky News and Sky Sports News are transmitted around the clock in English in your cabin, while BBC, DW-TV (German), NHKC Japan and other programs can be received where a signal is available. A summary of the news is sent every day via satellite to the ship (where signal is present) and is available in the cabins. For a small amount the cruise line provides also newspaper printed on site in accordance with the service NewspaperDirect. Upon arrival you will find details about it in your cabin.

Passports, visas
All guests must provide identification. The passport must be valid for six months more after the end of the cruise and should have for an international cruise at least four blank pages at the end of the cruise. Guests themselves are responsible for ensuring that before the cruise they have all the required documents. If this is not the case, they can be prevented by the border authorities or the customs entry into a country. On most cruises the passports must be collected for the length of the cruise so that in each port of call, the corresponding controls may be performed.
Visa regulations
Visa regulations vary from country to country. Current information you can get through the embassies and consulates of your country about the countries where you travel to. You are asked to get from your travel agency information about all the countries where the ship lands, because whether you go ashore or not, appropriate visa must be obtained. Regardless of how long the ship stays at a port, the immigration authorities verify in every port all passengers. It is your responsibility to obtain the necessary visas. Should you not be present, the entry or onward journey can be prohibited.
Please note: you are recommended to seek review from your travel agent whether all the necessary visas and other documents are available. Crystal Cruises accepts no responsibility for ensuring that at the time of the journey the information provided by the cruise line is still up to date, as it can change at short notice.

Parties and special occasions
The bar manager will gladly help you to arrange a reception at one of the public rooms for a special occasion. He will introduce you to different arrangements, that include, for example, waiters, bartenders, special hors d'oeuvres, invitation cards and flower arrangements.
Pools and jacuzzis
During the cruise brilliantly clean pools and jacuzzis on board offer you relaxation and the opportunity to move. You are kindly asked to help to maintain this cleanliness, by observing the following rules:
- For the safety of all passengers please bring no glasses in the vicinity of the pools; near the pools and jacuzzis beverages may be bottled only in plastic containers.
- According to the health regulations of the United States children with diapers (also with swimming nappies) and children who have not learned to use toilets, are not allowed to stay in the pools and jacuzzis.
- Children aged between 3 and 12 years must always be accompanied by a parent or chaperone.
- Young people aged 13 to 17 years are allowed to use the amenities without supervision.
- There are no lifeguards or other official supervisory staff.

Priority Check-in & Planning Centre (PCPC)

The Priority Check-in & Planning Centre (PCPC) accelerates your embarkation and allows you to book activities on board and ashore. All guests who before departure complete the check-in on the internet (entry forms, credit card registration, flight and transfer information) get priority at the pier during the actual boarding.
Once the full tour price has been received by Crystal Cruises, you can also do the following reservations online:

    Crystal Adventures, shore excursions
    Spa and salon
    Dinner at the specialty restaurant
    Free lessons at the Creative Learning Institute
    Wine dinner at The Vintage Room
    Tuxedo rental
    Seat reservations for dinner

All reservations are only possible as long as a suitable offer is available. Confirmations for shore excursions are available as of six months before departure.

The ship is suitable for both smoking and non-smoking guests. Most areas of the ships are non-smoking areas, including private porches of cabins and penthouses. In some bars and lounges there are marked tables for smokers and non-smokers. Completely smoke-free, are however, Palm Court, The Bistro, the Lido Cafe inside, the Crystal Dining Room, the restaurant Prego, Silk Road and The Sushi Bar, the Galaxy Lounge and the Starlight Club on the Crystal Symphony. Pipes and cigars are allowed only at the Connoiseur Club and on the open deck, except on the Lido Deck (deck 11 on Crystal Symphony and deck 12 on the Crystal Serenity ). Pipes and cigars may be smoked neither in the cabin, nor on porches or  halls. Crystal Cruises invites its guests to note the smoking restrictions that are established for the benefit of all guests on board.
Jewish and Catholic services are held on holidays and on most cruises. Confession independent services are held on Sundays. Notes can be found in the daily program Reflections.
From early breakfast for early risers to late evening long after dinner, the vessels offer a tempting selection of different restaurants.
Crystal Dining Room
The menu gathers a considerable range of regionally inspired cuisine combined with classic French tradition. This also includes the "lighter fare" with low salt, low cholesterol, low carbohydrate as well as a vegetarian option.
In the Crystal Dining Room you have for breakfast and lunch, a free choice of seats, while for dinner you can choose between the classic time (Classic Main) as of 18:15 o’clock and a later time (Late Classic) as of 20:30 o’clock. You can also select the program "Meals after reservation" between 18:15 o’clock and 21:15 o’clock, when you register this when booking your cruise with your travel agent. The cruise line meanwhile strives to fulfill all  wishes.
Specialty restaurants
In addition, Crystal Cruises offers specialty restaurants to present you with a wider choice of culinary options.
Prego which is both on the Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity specializes in the cuisine of different Italian landscapes. Silk Road and The Sushi Bar are also available on both ships. The world-renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has brought together the finest Asian cuisine with the scents of the Orient. Please reserve seats for this specialty restaurants, reservations are taken into account according to entry.

The Vintage Room
An innovative concept for fine dining and excellent wines: in The Vintage Room you learn a lot about wines in general and the outstanding selection of wines on board. During the day in this tasteful room wine tastings and seminars take place, in the evening guests can, after consultation with the head sommelier, have special wine dinners. For both you can log online with the reservation system Priority Check-in and Planning (PCPC).
Lido Café
In this café for breakfast and lunch you can sit outside and help yourself at the buffet. For breakfast, upon request, there are also freshly cooked omelettes, waffles and pancakes, as well as a wide selection of other dishes. For lunch you are offered salads, freshly prepared pasta, a good selection of soups, meat, fish and many desserts, including sugar-free.

The Bistro
This Parisian-style café is a popular meeting place. In a cozy environment, beautified by the paintings of Guy Buffet, you get free espresso, caffe latte, cappuccino and a wide selection of teas, upon request also a glass of wine. Throughout the day, light snacks, fresh pastries and fruit in the morning as well as cheeses, meats, pastries and others in the afternoon.
Trident Grill & Ice Cream Bar
The Grill offers classic hamburgers, cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, chicken burgers, hot dogs and Tuna Melts. There are also wraps and pizzas (also available in Tastes on the Crystal Serenity). Anyone who misses breakfast, can catch it up here. At the Ice Cream Bar you will find a wide selection of ice cream, non-fat frozen yogurt and sorbets with seductive sprinkles and freshly baked cookies.
Casual dining
On selected evenings the Lido Café aboard the Crystal Symphony and the Tastes on Crystal Serenity provide a special offer in a relaxed atmosphere outdoors. Dress casual, reservations are not required.
Afternoon tea
The afternoon tea is a special event with Crystal Cruises during which at the bright Palm Court sweets are served. The Mozart-tea takes you back to the Vienna of the 18th century where cakes and pastries from Austria are offered in velvet and brocade costumes. Also during the English colonial tea tradition stands in the foreground; there are scones, sandwiches and selected sweets.
Hors d'oeuvres and cocktails
Every night before dinner hot and cold hors d'oeuvres and cocktails are offered at various locations.

Cabin service
In your stateroom or suite you can order around the clock food and drinks from the menu. During meal times, you can also order from the menu of the Crystal Dining Room.
Beauty salon
The Crystal Salon & Spa which is managed by an independent company, offers men and women a wide range of services carried out by trained professionals. These include haircuts, styling, tinting, facials and skin treatments, teeth whitening, pedicures and manicures as well as the classic barber services for men. The Crystal Salon & Spa is open every day during the cruise.
Spa and fitness facilities
Experience the profound and emotive world at the Crystal Spa, the first spa at sea, which was built according to the principles of Feng Shui. First you explore the luxurious range of steam baths and saunas before you try out one of the many therapies from around the world.
From the fitness center and the practice rooms you have a panoramic view of the sea. You can participate in spin, yoga and Pilates exercises organized by trained staff. Or simply get moving on the new Kinesis machines. The premises are open every day and many spa treatments can be booked already online from home. Fitness facilities also include an outdoor saltwater pool, an indoor / outdoor pool (Crystal Serenity), jacuzzis, a spacious promenade deck for jogging and walking, hand tennis courts, table tennis, driving ranges and putting greens for golf with equipment from Taylor Made and shuffleboard courts. Note about the spa: guests who have to undergo cancer treatment and want to book spa appointments are required to have an official permit from their oncologists.
Daily programs
The daily newsletter entitled Reflections is delivered every evening to your cabin so you can use it to plan the next day.Therein you will find the onboard activities, a precise timetable of events, opening times and important announcements. It also contains interesting articles on soon-to-reach ports, portraits of officers, staff, entertainers, in addition the class program of the Crystal Visions, information about cruises and general notes.
Dancing and dance classes
On the ships of Crystal Cruises you find for dancing numerous opportunities and places, each with its own style and ambience. At the Stardust Club (Crystal Serenity), Starlite Club (Crystal Symphony) and Palm Court you can dance almost every night before and after dinner. At the Pulse (Crystal Serenity) and Luxe (Crystal Symphony) DJs play until late at night, from whom you can also request your favorite tracks. On all cruises professional dance instructors offer lessons in the popular dances and the distinguished gentlemen of Ambasador Hosts await to lead women on the dance floor.
Dance partner "Ambasador Hosts"
On each cruise there are some carefully selected gentlemen on board who have a similar background to most guests. These cultured, well-traveled men are also available as dance partners.
On Crystal Cruises all gratuities are included in the price. You are free to reward special services at your discretion. For services at the spa and salon you are suggested15% which can also be added to your bill.
In the Galaxy Lounge excellent shows and many other performances come to the stage. This has been specially designed so that you can see well from every seat . Moreover, it has the latest lighting and sound systems. Each show in Broadway-style offers a combination of singing and dance, which are presented by major music talents.
At the cabaret perform entertainers, singers, comedians and artists on different instruments.
Music and dance
Before and after dinner musical entertainment and dancing are offered at various locations on the ships. Depending on the lounge you will find classical music or dance music. During the afternoon tea and on other occasions the string quartett plays serenades and classical melodies.
Piano bars
Gentle piano music is heard in the afternoon and during the cocktail hour at the Crystal Cove. Also at the popular Avenue Saloon a pianist plays known melodies.
Lectures, training
This popular training and learning program is offered on each voyage and offers depending on the destination lectures on contemporary history, culture, art and history. At the Creative Learning Institute you can expand your knowledge of different areas for free in interactive courses, e.g. Arts & Entertainment, Business & Technology (including The Computer University @ Sea), lifestyle, wellness, as well as cooking and wines. ACBL-teachers offer bridge courses at different levels,dance instructor will show you their tricks and new dance steps and on most voyages there is a PGA on board who can improve your golf game.
Currency, board account
If you have not yet registered online, during embarkation at the front desk, a copy of your credit card with your signature is made. Basically, you can pay for the expenses on board cash, by traveler's checks or by the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover Card and JTB. Personal checks can only be redeemed if they are issued by an American bank. So you can get up to $ 1,000 in 24 hours, and up to $ 4,000 during the cruise. With traveler's checks you can cash every day up to US $ 1,000. Payments with credit cards and personal checks are subject to the bank credit. In some harbors a conversion into the local currency is offered on board.
Please note: if they are not redeemed on board, many board vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and expire.
Laundry, cleaning
There is a full range of washing, cleaning and ironing. You best contact your stewardess or your butler. The costs will be charged to your onboard account. For guests in the categories PH, PS and CP ironing is free. In the free laundromats on decks 8, 9 and 10 of the Crystal Symphony and 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the Crystal Serenity you will find washing machines and laundry soap, fabric softener, dryer, iron and ironing boards.
On your trip to and from the ship you should carry with you all your essentials and valuables such as jewelery, medicines, tickets, passports and visas at any time in your hand luggage. Note: even in transit, you should always carry your hand luggage with you. If you check in, Crystal Cruises accepts no responsibility for the luggage and its contents. During the journey, you should never leave your luggage or hand luggage with valuables of any kind, such as jewelry, cash, checks or the like in the supervision of people whom you do not know whatever assurances they give you.
Each cabin and each penthouse is equipped with a safe. As you are fully responsible for all valuables in your cabin, you are recommended to keep all items of value at any time in the safe or in the free lockers at the reception.

  • S5 Petite Suite Deck 2 mit französischem Balkon
  • S4 Petite Suite Deck 3 mit französischem Balkon
  • S3 Deluxe Suite Deck 2 mit französischem Balkon
  • S2 Deluxe Suite Deck 2 mit französischem Balkon
  • S1 Deluxe Suite Deck 3 mit französischem Balkon
  • CP Crystal Penthouse Suite Deck 3 mit französischem Balkon
  • CS Crystal Suite Deck 3 mit französischem Balkon 2 Schlafzimmer