A flight by the private jet ALBERT BALLIN is an invitation to wellness. In order to give you as much freedom and comfort during your journey on board, the layout and equipment of the Airbus A319-CJ was optimally adapted to the needs of a maximum of 44 guests.
Lean back on your VIP seat above the clouds.
Wherever you travel with your private jet, on board you will feel at home. Let yourself be pampered by the warm service of your experienced crew, enjoy the comfortable facilities and the exquisite catering and feel how the anticipation for the next destination grows in this exclusive ambience.

Все круизы с Rivatjet Albert Ballin
  • Лайнер
  • Судовое оборудование
  • Важно знать
  • Каюты
  • Круизная компания: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
  • Язык общения на борту: немецкий
  • Интернациональное обслуживание на борту: Русскоговорящий ассистент на борту
  • Пассажиры / Каюты: 46
  • Каюты для людей с ограниченными возможностями:  Не имеются
  • Медицинское обслуживание: корабельный врач /
  • Палубы / Лифты:  без лифтов
  • Кредитные карты: VISA
  • Рестораны: Gourmetcatering включено
  • Прочее: бар
  • Развлечения: iPad
  • Пожалуйста, обратите внимание:  некоторые услуги и использование инфраструктуры оплачиваются дополнительно!
Important information from A to Z

To ensure you have a good feeling, a team doctor is always at your disposal.

There are only the best seats aboard your private jet. Because ALBERT BALLIN, an Airbus A319-CJ with 44 passenger seats, is equipped to ensure you always have the highest comfort and freedom. During the whole trip, a set space is reserved for you, either at the window or in the aile. The seats are arranged in pair, and a generous row spacing gives you a lot of freedom of movement and invites you to feel good. Would you like to sit back and relax during the flight? For maximum comfort, your Angled Lie-Flat Seat can be easily adjusted to your desired position thanks to a continuously adjustable backrest (inclination angle up to 165 °) and even converted into a comfortable couch. Each seat is equipped with an iPad with a tailor-made entertainment and information service, as well as a charger for your personal electronic devices. In the small circle of a maximum of 44 guests, you can enjoy above the clouds all the amenities of your first-class private jet as well as an excellent service.

A total of 40 kg per person is included in your travel price: one large (+ L + B + H = 158 cm) and one smaller piece of luggage (maximum L + B + H = 135 cm) plus hand luggage.

Additional costs
When traveling on the private jet, ALBERT BALLIN, you will not have to pay any additional costs, except for your personal budget for souvenirs or similar. The travel price published for each trip includes:
• the complete flight journey by the private jet ALBERT BALLIN
• Your personal journey from home to the starting point of the journey (by limousine, first class train or regular flight in the business class including luggage delivery service *
• All baggage transportation on site, luggage carrier fees
• All meals with beverages
• All tours, sightseeing, activities and events specially arranged for you
• Escort on the journey by renowned experts, a chief travel guide and a board doctor
• Visa fees and application (German, Austrian and Swiss)
* Does not apply to short-distance flights. Please see the description on the respective travel page.

Obstructed view
The view on the private jet ALBERT BALLIN is restricted in the rows 5-8 over the wings as well as in the rows 4 and 9 partly restricted.

All journeys by private jet are conducted in German.

Transfer services
During your trip on the private jet ALBERT BALLIN all other transfers are included in the travel price. Hapag Llyod Cruises will be happy to help you with your travel plans, whether you are traveling by bus, plane or train.

Gratuities are not compulsor on board. The recognition of a particularly good service is optional for each guest.

Meals on board
An excellent selection of wines and beverages will certainly meet your taste as well as the exclusively created menus for you. Let yourself be pampered by the onboard cook and always enjoy the feeling of coming home - beyond all borders. The meals including drinks are included in the travel price during the whole journey

The travel price includes a cancellation insurance of ERV (European Travel Insurance) / ERGO Group. The deductible is 20% of the reimbursable damage, but at least € 25 per person. With the booking confirmation, you will receive an insurance certificate, which contains the insurance conditions and further details. The cruise line recommends you to take out a worldwide valid travel baggage, travel liability  and travel health insurance. Also recommended is the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance.

Visa formalities
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises will provide you with the visa application and fees.

The exclusive benefits of your journey by private jet:
- Unique route combinations beyond the usual line connections
- Travel in a small circle of maximum 44 guests
- First-class private jet charter
- Accommodation in selected hotels at the most beautiful places in the world
- Authentic travel experiences
- Perfect service on board and on land

Payment is possible:
- by transfer - with your invoice you receive upon request remittance slip
- with credit card - you will be glad to receive the necessary document for credit card payment via e-mail, fax or mail.
Direct debits are not offered by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises.

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