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CroisiEurope рады приветствовать Вас на борту одного из кораблей престиж-класса. Корабли комфортно и были разработаны, чтобы предложить максимальное пространство и свет. Теплые цвета и удобная мебель в каютах и ​​общественных помещениях обеспечить комфортную атмосферу. В комфорте и безопасности, корабли находятся на переднем крае технологий. Относительно молодой флот тщательно поддерживается и подвергается регулярной части РЕСТАВРАЦИИ - всегда под контролем качества и офицера безопасности Бюро Веритас. CroisiEurope считается ведущим судоходная компания европейского речного туризма - компания разработала эту репутацию серьезностью, динамизм, чувство инноваций, отличное соотношение цены и качества и имеет наивысшие показатели удовлетворенности клиентов.

Все круизы с MS Cadiz
  • Лайнер
  • Судовое оборудование
  • Важно знать
  • Каюты
  • Круизная компания: Croisi Europe
  • Флаг: Бельгия
  • Год постройки / реновирован: 2005 / 2010
  • Язык общения на борту: немецкий, Французский, 
  • Валюта на борту: ЕВРО
  • Длина / Ширина / Осадка: 110,00 м. / 11,40 м. / 1,50 м.
  • Скорость: 6-7 узлов
  • Палубы / Пассажирские палубы: (из них пассажирских: 4)
  • Экипаж: 31
  • Пассажиры / Каюты: 176 при двухместном размещении  / 88
  • Каюты для людей с ограниченными возможностями:  Имеются  1 /
  • Напряжение в сети: 220 В
  • Бары и лаунджи: 2 / Panorama-Salon mit Bar, kleiner Salon
  • Палубы / Лифты: 4 / 1
  • Кредитные карты: EuroCard, VISA
  • Магазины / шопинг: сувенирный магазин
  • Рестораны: Panorama-Speisesaal (главный ресторан) включено
  • Прочее: шезлонги / Wi-Fi / мягкий уголок / открытая палуба
  • Бассейн(ы): 1
  • Развлечения: бортовые программы / фольклор/музыкальные номера /
  • Пожалуйста, обратите внимание:  некоторые услуги и использование инфраструктуры оплачиваются дополнительно!
Useful Information

Elegantly furnished are the public rooms such as the salon with bar and restaurant, where the meals (buffet breakfast and waiter service for lunch and dinner) are served at one sitting. The air-conditioned cabins are all outside cabins and have 2 lower beds, shower / toilet, hairdryer, television, safe and a panoramic window. On the sun deck there are sun loungers available.

Important notes on river cruises
Low tide respectively floods of rivers, waiting times at locks, tides, national holidays, opening times, navigational or other unexpected circumstances may require changes to the program. Sections are possibly covered by bus or omitted. Under certain circumstances, the transfer to another ship respectively the temporary stay at a reasonable hotel are necessary. These decisions must be taken at short notice by the captain, the cruise line, the organizer or travel guide. It is also possible that two or more vessels have their berth assigned side by side at the same pier or that a ship anchors at the harbor wall. In both cases visibility from the windows of the vessel may be restricted or barred. On all river cruises, whose shore excursions are offered optionally, a minimum number of participants is required for the implementation of the trips with a German-speaking guide.

Smokers / non-smokers
The cruise line would like to point out that the travels from the cruise program are generally carried out by non-smoking buses, which also applies to the transfer trips and for excursions respectively tours in the destination area.

Transfer rides
As part of the pick-up system, it is possible that at the beginning and end of the journey, a transfer takes place. This can be done by taxi, minibus or by a bus with basic amenities.

Travel luggage
For all travels the luggage is limited per person to a normal case (max. 20 kg) and a hand luggage.

Parking possibily in Saarbrücken
Directly at the departure station of the buses in Saarbrücken, Dudweiler Straße there is a public, fee-based parking lot. Parking is available here for about € 4 per day. (update September 2015)

Price changes
Brochure and catalog information, including current travel prices are binding for the cruise line. However CroisiEurope expressly reserves the right to take, for objectively justified, substantial and unpredictable reasons, such as a sharp increase in fuel costs due to rising crude oil prices, to explain before the conclusion of the travel contract a precise change of the brochures and price about which you will be informed before booking.

Cabin keys / cabin card
At the front desk hangs a key panel, where you can keep your key / card during shore excursions. After the end of the cruise the key / card at needs to be returned to the reception. In case of loss of the cabin key / card you must pay for the damage.
Regular medication you should bring in a sufficient amount in your hand luggage.
Seating at the restaurant
Meals on board are always taken at one seating (i.e. all guests at the same time) Before the first meal you are allocated your table seats for the length of the cruise by the restaurant staff. Table reservations can be made at check-in.
Souvenir kiosk and reception
A souvenir kiosk and reception are located on each of the ship Prestige class in the foyer.
The cabins are all equipped with a plug connection with 220 V AC.

Particularly valuable items you had better leave at home. Neither the cruise line nor your tour operator shall be liable for the loss of valuables. Smaller items can be disposed in the cabin safe.

  • 3BHD 3-Bett Außenkabine Hauptdeck
  • DKHD Außenkabine Hauptdeck
  • EKHD Außenkabine Hauptdeck zur Alleinbelegung
  • DKMD Außenkabine Mitteldeck
  • EKMD Außenkabine Mitteldeck zur Alleinbelegung
  • DKOD Außenkabine Oberdeck
  • EKOD Außenkabine Oberdeck zur Alleinbelegung